This is a pre-order!
The UFO Catcher Ita Bags have already been ordered and are being made! They're not expected to arrive to the US until July 2022, please only order if you're willing to wait this long or possibly longer due to unforseen circumstances. 
No refunds will be offered with any pre-order, please consider this when pre-ordering.


With plenty of room this bag measures
10 inches wide 
13 inches tall
5 inches deep

Each Bag Order will also come with 

1 Removable Title

1 Printed Insert
1 Plain Insert

150cm Adjustable Matching Straps

 2× 120cm Adjustable Matching Straps

This bag has a lot of unique features such as a d ring attachment behind the moving claw zipper, where you can hang keychains from! 

The Title of the UFO Catcher Bag is removable, and behind it you'll find a moving claw zipper attached to a secret hidden compartment under the title!


**PRE-ORDER** UFO Catcher Ita Bag

$90.00 Regular Price
$85.00Sale Price
Plain Insert Color