More Pictures Coming Soon!

This is a pre-order!
The UFO Catcher Ita Bags have already been ordered and are being made! They're not expected to arrive to the US until July 2022, please only order if you're willing to wait this long or possibly longer due to unforseen circumstances. 
No refunds will be offered with any pre-order, please consider this when pre-ordering.

Titles compatible with the UFO Catcher Ita Bag! 
Whether you already ordered a UFO Catcher Ita Bag and just want more customizable options, or are currently ordering one and want to have a few more titles available to you! 

Please check the picture for all the different titles available, as they will be called by their corresponding names when you select which one you want! 

**Pre-Order!!** Extra UFO Catcher Ita Bag Titles