**We are currently sold out of Light Blue Plain Inserts- I apologize!**

Inserts compatible with the UFO Catcher Ita Bag! 
Whether you already ordered a UFO Catcher Ita Bag and just want more customizable options, or are currently ordering one and want to have a few more inserts available to you! 

Please check the picture for all the different inserts available, as they will be called by their corresponding names when you select which one you want! Plain inserts with no printing are cheaper and will only be named by their color! 



IMPORTANT NOTE: Printed Inserts are ONLY Printed where they'll show through the plastic, meaning they'll have a plain color surrounding the area that isn't shown. Once the bag is fully displayed with the insert inside this is not noticeable and doesn't effect the overall look of the bag. Please understand if you get an insert and it's not printed from border to border, that's normal, and will not show once the insert is in the bag.

UFO Catcher Ita Bag Inserts

PriceFrom $10.00